Serenity -----beautiful-pink-water-lily-100185351

Today in my morning meditation it hit me that I needed to increase my moments of serenity. I periodically find my self rushing from one task to another like a hamster on a wheel and need to be constantly reminded to stay in the moment and remember why I am doing it all.

The reminders that cue my serenity are:

  1. Sharing a moment of laughter and love with those i am close to.
  2. Laying down for 5 minutes after an hour or more of exercise.
  3. A bite of flavour so good I close my eyes to savour it.
  4. The feeling I get checking off things on my list as done.
  5. Being on the beach with my girls.
  6. Savouring the last chapter of a good book.
  7. Time spent in deep, honest prayer.